Course Overview

Hole 1

hole1mapWith a decent tee shot, lay up and take an easy pitch to the green.  To go for it in two, a long shot left of center.

Par 5
Handicap 12

Back Tee 529 yards
Middle Tee 509 yards
Front Tee 361 yards

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Hole 2

hole2mapDepending on wind conditions position drive short of river at center to left center where it should leave about 120-150 yard approach to the green.

Par 4
Handicap 1

Back Tee 482 yards
Middle Tee 377 yards
Front Tee 347 yards

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Hole 3

hole3mapCompletely engulfed and surrounded by woods.  Long, narrow green that sets up into the hole with bunkers on the sides.  Must hit a straight shot to the green.

Par 3
Handicap 14

Back Tee 180 yards
Middle Tee 146 yards
Front Tee 138 yards

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Hole 4

hole4mapElevated green requires accuracy on the approach shot.  The mounds may make the perception of the hole appear shorter than it actually is.

Par 4
Handicap 10

Back Tee 397/383 yards
Middle Tee 370 yards
Front Tee 311 yards

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Hole 5

hole5mapFrom the left, it plays a little longer.  A fairly wide and generous driving area.  With a good drive and a 7 or 8 iron in, it is a potential birdie hole.  The green allows the golfer to get up and down if missed.

Par 4
Handicap 13

Back Tee 406 yards
Middle Tee 376 yards
Front Tee 276 yards

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Hole 6

hole6mapThe shortest par 4 on the course.  Lay up with an iron to set up an easy approach shot.  Longer players can go for it and knock it on the green.

Par 4
Handicap 16

Back Tee 310 yards
Middle Tee 283 yards
Front Tee 260 yards

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Hole 7

hole7mapHug the right side of fairway as much as possible, while staying out of hazards.  Can take out heavy artillery, but miss it right or left and pay the price.

Par 4
Handicap 7

Back Tee 415 yards
Middle Tee 380 yards
Front Tee 302 yards

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Hole 8

hole8mapThe further you hit your drive, the tighter the fairway.  If flag is back, second shot must carry to back pin placement.

Par 4
Handicap 3

Back Tee 423 yards
Middle Tee 389 yards
Front Tee 308 yards

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Hole 9

hole9mapFor most people it's going to be a three-shot hole.  Hit a good drive, then lay up with iron for a 125-yard pitch to a good-sized green.

Par 5
Handicap 5

Back Tee 573 yards
Middle Tee 552 yards
Front Tee 501 yards

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Hole 10

hole10mapShoot to the middle of the green or go after the pin.  A cross-wind left to right.

Par 3
Handicap 8

Back Tee 227 yards
Middle Tee 208 yards
Front Tee 126 yards

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Hole 11

hole11mapA tough driving hole.  Trouble left, but don't bail out too far right.  Directional bunkers in fairway.

Par 4
Handicap 8

Back Tee 422 yards
Middle Tee 370 yards
Front Tee 290 yards

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Hole 12

hole12mapA good drive sets golfer up for second shot.  Two bunkers 75 yards in front of green.  The green undulates, separating back right from far left.

Par 4
Handicap 4

Back Tee 441 yards
Middle Tee 376 yards
Front Tee 332 yards

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Hole 13

hole13mapLongest hole on the course.  A lot of hitting area to the right.  Even though bunkers set up to left, don't get too far right because it leaves a longer second shot with a big oak tree blocking the way.  Large undulating green.

Par 5
Handicap 2

Back Tee 579 yards
Middle Tee 524 yards
Front Tee 451 yards

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Hole 14

hole14mapCarry the green with a soft shot that checks up for a birdie putt.

Par 3
Handicap 18

Back Tee 159 yards
Middle Tee 146 yards
Front Tee 116 yards

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Hole 15

hole15mapIt all depends on the tee shot.  For most people, a 3-wood or maybe a 2-iron or 3-iron to carry over second wetlands for an easy approach shot to the green.

Par 4
Handicap 15

Back Tee 336 yards
Middle Tee 303 yards
Front Tee 243 yards

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Hole 16

hole16mapPlayers must make a choice of carrying the wetlands and having a shot at making it to the green in two or laying up and using a second shot to set up an easy pitch.

Par 5
Handicap 9

Back Tee 510 yards
Middle Tee 455 yards
Front Tee 355 yards

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Hole 17

hole17mapA short iron or wedge to the green.  Bunkers short of the green cause problems.  Bunkers in back of the green cause even bigger problems, because blasting out brings the river back into play.

Par 3
Handicap 17

Back Tee 164 yards
Middle Tee 124 yards
Front Tee 99 yards

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Hole 18

hole18mapHit drive to left of fairway to avoid limbs of oak tree that over-hang near the green.  Need a big second shot.

Par 4
Handicap 6

Back Tee 401 yards
Middle Tee 370 yards
Front Tee 324 yards

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